Raw Ferments Mini Pots

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Raw Ferments Mini Pots

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3 mini pots of Eat Live Veggies.

Never had kimchi or sauerkraut before? Worried it'll be too vinegary, or spicy? Since I can't reassure you with a taste through the screen why not have a taste of everything for a tenner with our cute little 100g sample pots?

If you like to get your fermented veggies in during your work lunch these are a nice option for taking to work with you to have with your lunch - 1 jar is five servings about five forkfuls so you can keep these jars in your work fridge and will have five portions to have through the week.

You get one pot of Sea Kimchi, Cucumber and Mint Kraut, and our Seasonal Kraut - Beetroot, Red Cabbage and Caraway.