Wellness Starter Pack
Wellness Starter Pack
Wellness Starter Pack
Wellness Starter Pack
Wellness Starter Pack

Eat Live Wellness

Wellness Starter Pack

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280g jar of gut friendly Raw Sea Kimchi

🌿 400g Dead Sea Magnesium and Himalayan Sea Salts

🌿 3 Bars Raw Chocolate Pie Selection 

This is a lovely intro to the Eat Live range! Have a forkful of kimchi with your main meal, some raw chocolate afterwards and relax in a magnesium bath at the end of the day.

This pack gives your body a whole host of nutrients from gut loving cultures in the kimchi, antioxidants from the raw chocolate and replenishing magnesium and best of all it all feels like a treat!


Sea Kimchi

Our ferments are made with a 5 strain probiotic culture. 

For vegetables that are not on the EWG 'Clean15 list' we use organic

Sea Kimchi - Cabbage, Carrots, Jerusalem Artichoke, Ginger, Garlic, Sea Salt, Gochugaru (Korean Red Pepper), Cayenne. North Atlantic  Dulse Seaweed and Coriander

'I love this (our kimchi) it's so delicious!! Sometimes I just eat it by the forkful straight from the jar!! Blooming love them!!'

GF - 3 Day Cleanse and Kimchi customer - Instagram review 21/11/20


Magnesium Chloride from the Dead Sea with Himalayan Salts 400g 

Add a couple of handfuls to your bath or a foot soak and let the relaxation (and transdermal magnesium absorption begin!) Instructions are also given on how to make a magnesium spray using the salts

For details of Emma's magnesium obsession and it's truly amazing benefits for the body have a look at our seasonal blog!


Raw Chocolate Pies - Ginger, Cardamon and Apricot and Himalayan Sea Salt

Antioxidant rich and delicious we source these handcrafted bars from a small female led business in Cornwall.  Why not have a few chunks of this lovely chocolate with a cup of our Ayurvedic tea in the evenings.

It is fully raw so all the lovely enzymes are preserved - yay! Naturally refined sugar free - double yay!!

If you prefer different flavours you can just let us know in the notes when you order.


As a special treat in June we are including a sample of our Ayurvedic Vitamin C teabags too!


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