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Ayurvedic Weight Loss

Weight Loss. The Ayurvedic Way

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Here at Eat Live Wellness I think it's clear that we are not part of diet culture. We approach weight loss from an Ayurvedic perspective. I myself am someone who used to suffer from an eating disorder and I had to work at recovery so I understand first hand the harm diet culture has, especially on women. I also know though, that being able to lovingly release weight is something that is important to health and can actually be vital to some.

Weight loss is the subject I get asked about most often and in fact releasing excess weight is part and parcel of gut healing and being in optimal health. I love to address it from an Ayurvedic perspective because in Ayurveda releasing excess weight is part of self care and rebalancing. This approach has really helped me in my recovery and healing.

Being the right weight for you is part of being healthy and feeling good. In Ayurveda excess weight is seen as a doshic imbalance of mind and body, in the same way digestive or skin issues are. Ayurveda is all about identifying and addressing these issues to lovingly bring your body back into balance. Rather than punishing yourself, letting go of weight the Ayurvedic way is a form of self care.

So, if lockdown has left you feeling heavy and sluggish here is my guide to getting back to your best self. Even if you haven't got weight to release this is a healthy, self loving way to care for and nourish yourself. Enjoy!

Take Me To The Guide

When you have implemented the advice in the guide look out for a series of emails from me over Summer as I'll be exploring the body's detox pathways and what you can do to ensure your body is working optimally to detox you on a daily basis. This will set you up for great health and prepare you for an even deeper detox when you Cleanse with us in the Autumn. 

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Emma-Louise Follows
Medical Herbalist 

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