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Celery juice vs Keto Results and a confession

Celery Juice, Keto and a Confession. Tomorrow is the Equinox which means Summer is almost at an end. As usual the UK hasn't wasted any time getting colder and we all have our umbrellas at the ready for next week. I hope you had a lovely summer. Mine was difficult as a close friend ended up in hospital where she remains, seriously ill with an illness brought on by high blood pressure and stress. As hard as it's been this summer it has served as a reminder about how much our lifesyle affects our health. You may remember from my last update or my instagram posts that my plan was to give this Celery Juice craze a whirl and see if it improved my...

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Sugar rushes and a Valentine's Raw Chocolate Recipe

It’s February so that means the shops have rolled out their pink balloon displays in their annual effort to get us to go deeper still into our Christmas induced overdrafts in the name of love. And what should we spend our money, or debt on? Well, sugar mainly. Heart shaped and wrapped up in red foil. I don’t think many people reading this need convincing that white sugar is basically poison to the body, so I decided not beat around the bush in the title of this blog.I do think the body can handle a bit of bad stuff in small doses and I personally apply the 80/20 rule (or some weeks it's more 70/30) So no judgement here if you’re...

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A DIY weekend detox

I was planning to write about hormones this season but I've had zero interest in that and loads of people wanting a pre Christmas detox - fair enough, I need this too!So let's all do this for the next two weeks, starting from Monday.  Have a read through, it's very easy and very effective - I know because i've done it before. Make sure you follow the weekend prep and get everything you need over the next few days so you can start strong on Monday! x The Halloween sugar fest is over and Christmas is coming, it’s time to detox so we can go into December healthy and ready for holiday season. Here are the rules;   Weekend Preparation  1. Get...

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