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Here I am with my first ever ferment! This picture was taken during a 2 month house swap in California. By that time I had healed myself using food as medicine and was ready to have fun and enjoy life again! Craig and I packed up our two little ones and embarked on Summer long house swap in SoCal!

Inspired by the fermented food scene in LA by the time I got back I already had a plan in place for Eat Live Wellness! I started training as a medical herbalist and got a stall at my local farmer’s market whilst I was still on maternity leave selling raw ferments, Ayurvedic tea and all the things that had helped me to heal

Me running a kimchi workshop at Forty Hall Food Festival!

I think that changing the world starts with our own wellness and I love helping people who are feeling run down, low energy and sluggish step off the hamster wheel to cleanse, detox and come back into


I’m so honoured that we’ve won Great Taste awards, been shortlisted for the Health and Beauty awards and been featured by Ayurvedic thought leader Jasmine Hemsley

Eat Live Wellness is an ethical business and our aim is that it should do godata:text/mce-internalod and make a positive impact in the world. A portion of our profits go to Action Against Hunger, a grassroots charity which saves the lives of malnourished children and provide families with access to safe water and good nutrition


We fill our own cups first until they overflow. Out of the overflow we can give to our family, friends and the world.

If you could do with some support with your wellness I’d love to help. Start with some ferments for your gut and keep an eye out for our next 3 Day Cleanse.

Emma-Louise Follows

Medical Herbalist and founder of Eat Live Wellness