About Us

Hi I’m Emma-Louise and I run Eat Live!

I was a run down solicitor with two young children, chronically ill and getting nowhere with the medication I was getting from my GP.

Eventually out of desperation I took matters into my own hands and started researching natural healing. That’s when I found out about detoxing, gut health and probiotics.

Before long I was cleansing regularly, studying medical herbalism and making my own kimchi with all the specific probiotic strains I wanted in it and..getting better - really quickly!

That’s when I realised I wanted to do the same for others so (being a quick acting Vata!) I bought a decorating table from a local second hand shop, got a stall at my local farmers market and called my little operation Eat Live - as in to eat live or living foods! I took on Elizabeth my right hand woman and my husband became our delivery driver and in charge of the ferments operation!

5 years later and we are helping so many people eat and live their way back to health  with our Ayurvedic inspired approach to wellness.

I would LOVE to help you too. This is our approach to wellness,

This is how we help you love your body and be the highest version of you. 

Each Season - We cleanse for 3 days to detox and reset with the Eat Live Cleanse, a modern version of the traditional Ayurvedic Cleanse using medical herbalism.

Each Week - We have a few servings of Eat Live fermented veggies - kimchi or kraut. We have a sprinkle of Eat Live Magic in our morning smoothie or juice for maintenance of our gut health.

Each Day - We follow the energy of the day and tune into our own natural rhythms, not the rhythm of our culture and society.

  • We get up early, cleanse and shake off the slow, sleepy Kapha energy with movement, whether that's brisk walking outside to retune our circadian rhythm or ecstatic dancing in our kitchens with music on. We energise for the day with a small but nutritious protein rich breakfast, perhaps a smoothie or porridge made with Magic.
  • We eat a big, beautiful lunch aligned with our dosha when our agni (digestive fire) is at it's strongest because it is now fiery Pitta time, the best time to eat well and be productive.
  • In the afternoon during spacey, mind wandering Vata time we ground ourselves with an anti-inflammatory turmeric latte so we can let our imaginations roam and be creative.
  • We allow our bodies to relax back into evening Kapha time and we eat an early, light, veggie led dinner so as not to overwhelm slow to digest Kapha. We close with something small and sweet for pleasure and let the earthy, nurturing Kapha energy draw us into our Ayurvedic self care rituals to relax. We run ourselves a bath with magnesium and himalayan salt for our transdermal minerals, to encourage deep sleep and allow the day to close.

We love ourselves because we are worthy of our own love.

We fill our own cups first until they overflow. Out of the overflow we can give to our family, friends and the world.



Our Mission At Eat Live

Eat Live is an ethical business and our aim is that it should do good and make a positive impact in the world. 

A proportion of profits go to Action Against Hunger, a grassroots charity which saves the lives of malnourished children and provide families with access to safe water and good nutrition.  

Our suppliers from the veggies, to the jars, to the labels on the jars, are small local UK businesses wherever possible. Ingredients from aboard are fair trade where applicable. We do our best to make sure all our packaging is environmentally friendly. Our stockists are all independent, ethically run businesses.



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