My Mission and Me

Hi I'm Emma-Louise

This is me with my two children Jess and Ethan (now 10 and 7). After having Ethan, I developed a number of chronic health issues and the medication I was getting from my GP was making matters worse. In desperation I began researching natural healing through food with a focus on gut health. I was blown away by how quickly my health transformed. So now in addition to being a solicitor part time I'm on a mission to make the healing food I found difficult to get hold of, easily accessible and delicious! 



This pic was taken during a 2 month house swap in California which we embarked on when I was feeling all better and ready to have fun again! 

I hope the stuff we make at Eat Live helps you as it did me.

Love Em xo

pic credit - my husband Craig x


My Mission

(and what motivates me when it's late and I'm still jarring up and labelling kimchi with Elizabeth - my right hand woman :)

Eat Live is an ethical business and my aim is that it should do good and make a positive impact in the world. 

A proportion of profits go to Action Against Hunger, a grassroots charity which saves the lives of malnourished children and provide families with access to safe water and good nutrition.  Read more about their Healthy Mums, Healthy Kids programme here;

My  suppliers from the veggies, to the jars, to the labels on the jars, are small local UK businesses wherever possible. Ingredients from aboard are fair trade where applicable. The cacao for the raw chocolate truffles is usually from Lucy Bee, a small UK business which raises a lot of money for third world charities and also trade ethically with a group of mostly single mothers in the Dominican Republic. My stockists are all independent, ethically run businesses.