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Deeper Detox and Gut Reset with Emma - a 12 Week Experience

Do you wish you had sustained energy through the day?

Are you constantly losing your train of thought and forgetting why you walked into a room?

Are you struggling with issues like IBS, excess weight, maybe even high blood pressure? Perhaps you’ve been told you’re pre diabetic or close, and you know you need to turn things around.

Did you know that gut health and sluggish detoxification systems are often linked to womb conditions like fibroids, pcos and endometriosis?

Do you wish you could finally have your dream body? Toned, strong, healthy, flexible and fit?

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You’ve tried it all. Every style of eating going, you’ve ordered all the herbs and supplements on Amazon and social media. Your kitchen probably looks like Holland and Barrett!

But it still hasn’t worked. You always seem to be in the same boat with your wellness. Still struggling with the bloating, the brain fog, the extra weight and the older you get the harder it feels to take control?



I completely get it. When I was at my lowest point health wise I was dealing with so many health issues, plus a bout of recurrent boils, chronic eczema and a few other medical issues to boot. My kitchen cupboard looked like the Holland and Barrett flagship store and nothing was working.

Finally out of desperation I found an approach to natural healing that allowed me to turn my health and wellness around in a remarkably short space of time

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Imagine yourself lighter, clearer and full of energy

What would it look like for you to be brimming with energy? To make it to the evening and still have the energy to do something other than slump on the sofa? To actually have fun and enjoy life?


Wouldn’t it be amazing to understand the root cause of the imbalances you’re dealing with?

Find out if my programme will be a good fit for you- Book a Free Health Hour With Me Here

Using a blend of medical herbalism, Ayurveda, cognitive hypnotherapy and my award winning gut health products I can guide you through transformation

In my 12 week Deeper Detox and Gut Reset Programme I work with people who are feeling run down, low energy and sluggish. I help you to deeply detox, reset and achieve your wellness goals. I take an approach which recognises that any wellness issue is simply an imbalance that can be corrected with the right natural ingredients, mindset and support.

My Deeper Detox and Gut Reset Programme takes you through a 12 week transformation. We start by easing your body into full body detox and healing your microbiome. We then work together to get you into eating correctly for your mind/body type.

We use cognitive hypnotherapy to align your subconscious mind with your goals and your best self. This means the results you achieve are sustainable and don’t disappear once you finish the programme 

All the products you need are included, along with meal plans, easy recipes and WhatsApp support. We meet on zoom every 3 weeks so you know exactly what to do over the next few weeks. As your body comes back into balance excess weight releases, inflammation calms and skin issues start to resolve. I make it easy for you to transform and most importantly, to maintain your results.

My clients can relax and stop worrying about food and weight and health once they join my programme. 

How can I help you?

Let’s have a chat about your wellness!

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Find out if my programme will be a good fit for you- Book a Free Health Hour With Me Here

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What my clients say!

My doctor is so happy with what we’re doing and my results ( significantly reduced blood pressure, weight and blood sugar). He said your advice is spot on and to keep up the good work!


I can’t believe it I thought I just couldn’t lose weight and was naturally heavy, and I’ve lost a stone already! I feel great and I love this way of eating. I don’t even want to go back to what I was eating before.


My UC (ulcerative colitis) is healed. This is amazing thank you!


I’ve just turned 50 years old and this programme is probably the best thing I’ve ever done. I just wish I’d found you sooner.


I’m completely off my antihistamines now. I have all this energy. I actually forgot what it was like to have energy, and my clothes are all loose!


`My menopausal symptoms have completely gone. I would have just been happy with the weight loss! This is amazing thank you so much.

Find out if my programme will be a good fit for you- Book a Free Health Hour With Me Here