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How to do a DIY hormone reset

I started crying for no reason, I just bit my husband's head off, my breasts are painful and swollen. I'm wired and anxious and I can't sleep even though I feel exhausted 

Hi love

Argh..perimeno estrogen dominance anyone?! Whenever I start writing anything remotely like this in my journal it’s usually because I’ve slipped off my detox and hormone protocol for too long!

Here’a my personal protocol that keeps things nice and balanced for me,

1. Doing a short cleanse each season - to support my body’s natural detox process by eating 'cleanly', with lots of organic vegetables and taking naturally detoxing supplements like spirulina, barley grass. Our bodies have detox channels to naturally excrete excess estrogen and whatever it doesn’t need but these channels are often not working optimally which is why we feel so much better and benefit so much from a regular cleanse to support all these organs and pathways

2. Chastetree tincture aka Vitex - this is a powerful herbs that supports progesterone levels, the hormone needed to control estrogen which drops in perimenopause 

3. Adaptogens- I particularly like Ashwaganda and Reishi and include these in my 3 day cleanse. As well as a balancing effect on the hormones they also support the adrenals and have a calming effect

Some other helpful additions for hormonal balance are broccoli sprouts and vitamin Cwhich help with estrogen detoxification. Ground flaxseed is another powerful adaptogen and exercise is proven to help too, so make sure fitness is part of your lifestyle.

If you’re looking to make all this easier why not plan to do my cleanse when it is next available, and get a pot of my hormone balancing, gut healing Magic supplement in the meantime?

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    So to recap some helpful natural ways of balancing our hormones are
    • Seasonal Cleansing to detox
    • Chastetree aka Vitex
    • Adaptogens like reishi and ashwaganda
    And you can check out my helpful happy hormone Magic supplement here. Have you ever experienced hormonal imbalance? What have you found works for you?

    In love and wellness

    Medical Herbalist at Eat Live Wellness

    ‘My menopausal symptoms have completely gone! I can’t wait for the next one’
    Tasha R - detox box review - Spring 2022
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