3 Day Ayurvedic Cleanse

Reset your gut and kickstart weight-loss and healing with the 3 Day Kitchari Cleanse!

This is my version of the Ayurvedic Kitchari Cleanse. In Ayurveda Kitchari (a dish made with lentils and medicinal spices) is eaten exclusively for a few days as part of a seasonal detox, Unlike water fasts and juice cleanses that can make things worse because of the shock to your body, the kitchari cleanse is a nourishing way of giving the digestion a rest and flushing out toxins. 

On the Eat Live Cleanse you eat the following for 3 Days;

Pre breakfast- Sea Green Shot

Breakfast - Blue Keto Mylk

Lunch - Kitchari with steamed veggies and kimchi or kraut 

Dinner - Kitchari with steamed veggies and kimchi or kraut 

This is a really low effort detox with only 20 mins hands on time - max. You prep the kitchari in one batch for 3 days, and mix the smoothie blends and detox shots with mylk and water as you go. It's quick and easy freeing you up to relax and do some of the Ayurvedic self care practices provided.