A bowl of Kichari
Pre Breakfast Sea Green Shot
3 Day Alchemy With Eat Live™ Spring Cleanse 2021
3 Day Alchemy With Eat Live™ Spring Cleanse 2021
3 Day Alchemy With Eat Live™ Spring Cleanse 2021
3 Day Alchemy With Eat Live™ Spring Cleanse 2021
3 Day Alchemy With Eat Live™ Spring Cleanse 2021

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3 Day Alchemy With Eat Live™ Spring Cleanse 2021

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Please note - We sold out our first batch of Spring Cleanse boxes in under a week! So this is a bonus batch which we will be dispatching in the 3rd week of May

It's here, it's Spring Cleanse time!

This round includes a deeper gut and parasite cleansing guidance pdf and audio for your pre cleanse week. This will be sent to you along with your order confirmation and Spring Cleanse welcome video.


Reset your gut and kickstart weight-loss and healing with our sell out seasonal, organic, handcrafted 3 Day Alchemy With Eat Live™

In Ayurveda kitchari is eaten exclusively for a few days as part of a seasonal detox, Unlike water fasts and juice cleanses that can make things worse because of the shock to your body, the Eat Live kitchari cleanse is a nourishing way of giving the digestion a rest and flushing out toxins. 

Three days of food, oils, probiotics, herbs and yoga. Only twenty minutes prep time for the entire three days.

At Eat Live we have taken inspiration from the beautiful traditional Ayurvedic cleanse and tweaked it to make in plant based and to bring in some other elements from medical herbalism and healing cultures around the world.

We incorporate both prebiotic and probiotic ingredients to repopulate your gut. We also bring in detoxing herbs that are proven travel through your body binding to toxins and carrying them through your digestive tract, along with powerful herbs for elimination. Rather than rice the kitchari is made with organic quiona which is a lighter, a complete protein and very digestible.

Your Cleanse menu for the three days is as follows and everything is provided in your detox box with the exception of a carton of nut mylk and some fresh dosha friendly veggies;

  • Green Detox Shot with Eat Live Magic
  • Breakfast Blue Keto Mylk Smoothie or Blue Keto Mylk Porridge
  • Internal Oil Cleansing 15 mins prior to lunch
  • Lunch - Kitchari (made in one large batch on the first day according to instructions)
  • Internal Oil Cleansing 15 mins prior to dinner
  • Dinner - Kitchari with dosha friendly vegetables steamed or sauteed (seasonal Ayurvedic guidance given in welcome video)
  • Post Dinner - Slippery Elm Tea for prebiotics and elimination
  • Throughout the day - alternate between Ayurvedic CCF Tea for the Stomach and Herbal Blend for the Liver.

When you order the Eat Live 3 Day Detox we send you a cognitive hypnotherapy download, tailor made and recorded just for our detoxers. This starts to gently work on a subconscious level on your mindset alignment to prepare and support you on your detox journey. Just before your receive your box we send you your detox yoga class to practice during your Cleanse. You will then receive your detox box in the post which will include the following

  • Easy Organic Kitchari Kit - Comprising of Organic yellow split mung beans and organic quiona blend. organic kitchari medicinal spice blend, MCT oil and Liquid Aminos
  • A 7 Day supply of Eat Live Magic. This is a blend of 100% survivable probiotic cultures, organic prebiotics, adaptogens and digestive enzymes to mix into your morning smoothie to cleanse and nourish your gut while you detox.
  • Blue Keto Mylk Smoothie Breakfast Blend (Raw, Organic)
  • Ayurvedic CCF Tea Blend
  • Detoxing Herb Blend for the Liver
  • Slippery Elm (Raw, Organic)
  • Flax Oil for internal cleansing

For the next Cleanse we have made the following amazing additions to give you an even lovelier Cleanse experience;

  1. Kitchari Toppers - As you know we mono meal on the Cleanse for three days. Eating the same meals enables our digestion to rest and gives our gut a reset. To make mono meaning a bit more interesting whilst keeping the benefits we've created three different kitchari toppers which will give you a bit more variety and flavour as you move through the 3 days. Coconut, Seasoned Seeds and Seaweed toppers will now come with your Cleanse box for you to sprinkle over your kitchari each day, or if you like your kitchari plain, you can just eat the toppers as snacks.
  2. Eat Live Detox Yoga Class - We now have a dedicated Eat Live Hour Long Detox Yoga Class for you to do each day. This online class complements and supports the process. The sequence is created to aid the physical detox process and quiet your mind. Postures to gently press the detox organs, aid the Cleanse process and mudras to encourage release. This is a gentle, relaxing but very effective class that can be done each and every day during the Cleanse to aid the process.
  3. Cleanse Journal - When you start to detox in one area of your life it tends to have a corresponding effect in other areas. When people Cleanse they often find that as well as shedding accumulated toxins and weight, old emotions start to surface for release. We have created a journal that you receive with each round that acts as a container for this process. As well as a food diary to support you with tracking and helpful hints and tips as you move through the three days, the journal also prompts you to jot down what’s coming up for you on an emotional level. Recurring thoughts, dreams, limiting beliefs and visions for the future. It is is my intention that you go into the Cleanse process deeply and use it to alchemise.

See here for more information about the Cleanse