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Detox Pathways - Step 2 The Lymph and Skin

When people think detox they tend to think of organs like the liver and kidneys but the skin and lymphatic system is a really important detox pathway and if you’re experiencing issues like itchy skin, rashes, eczema and cellulite clearing and opening up this area is important.

The lymph is part of your immune system. It works to remove waste, viruses, bacteria, cancer cells and toxins. It produces your white blood cells that fight infection. Your lymph vessels are  directly beneath your skin and lead to your lymph nodes .Your lymph is actually the excess fluid squeezed from your blood vessels and tissues. Your lymph vessels lead to your lymph nodes where the lymph fluid is filtered and then returns into circulation. If your lymph isn’t flowing as it should you will end up with an accumulation of waste and toxins.

Unlike your blood which circulates because of the pumping action of your heart the lymph circulates in response to movement and muscle contraction. This means that unlike the other organs which may appreciate certain types of food and herbs as support, your lymphatic systems needs your physical help to move and drain, and that’s what the following tips for focus on;

1. Dry Bushing

I do this a few days a week before a bath or shower. Dry skin brushing is such a simple and effective way of supporting your lymphatic system. It stimulates lymphatic drainage and removes dead skin cells and toxins that your body has pushed out through the skins. It feels good, softens your skin even after the first brush because of the exfoliating effect. This can also help to reduce the appearance of cellulite which in part can be caused by a sluggish lymphatic system. Please note though that although a sluggish lymph is part of the cause and although addressing this will help it may not get rid of cellulite entirely because it is a consequence of where and how adipose tissue is distributed under the skin. Around 80% of women have some cellulite - even the skinny ones! So reduce it by following these suggestions but don't focus on it too much. Choose a dry brush with natural bristles and brush gently in circular motions towards the heart. I like this YouTube video demonstration.

2. Rebounding

This means jumping. If you have kids and the obligatory trampoline in your back garden then on you get! If not you can order a small one inexpensively online. You can do anything that involves jumping but trampolining is easy on your joints. About 5 to 10 minutes each day is all you need. If you don’t want to jump, choose any vigorous exercise and if it involves you sweating then even better as this is another method of shedding toxins. Physical movement is one of the best ways around to manually move the lymph though muscle contraction and breath.

3. Lymph drainage massage

Another way to manually move the lymphatic system is through self massage. Here is another good YouTube demonstration. You will notice you'll probably need to blow your nose or spit when you do these sorts of massage which shows you are moving fluid effectively.


Bonus Tip

Bathe In Magnesium

Once you’ve dry brushed and washed your skin, bathing in magnesium salts is an incredibly detoxing and healing practice. Magnesium encourages toxin excretion drawing them out through the pores of the body. It will work really well alongside your heavy metal detox detailed in the last email on the kidneys. Magnesium is best absorbed transdermally (though the skin rather than orally) and bathing in it will replenish your magnesium levels. Most of us are estimated to be magnesium deficient now our soil is so depleted and given magnesium is responsible for well over 300 enzyme functions in the body as well as carrying other nutrients, topping up your levels by having a few hot baths or foot soaks each week is a no brainer. I never tire of telling people how two weeks of magnesium baths completely cleared up my chronic lifelong eczema! We offer Magnesium Chloride flakes from the Dead Sea which is the best kind of magnesium you can get and even trumps Epsom salts.


Start incorporating these tips to support your detox pathways through the lymph and skin. Look out for step 2 of our detox series in a fortnight which will address the liver. If you aren’t already on the wait list for our next Cleanse email me at emma-lou@eatlive.co.uk and ill add you so you don’t miss out when it’s available in September as we always sell out quickly. We will be drafting an even more detailed detox pathways support plan  for our Cleansers to follow in the pre Cleanse so if you’d like more support with this then be sure to get on our wait list.