FAQs - Three Day Cleanse

Frequently asked questions - 3 Day Cleanse
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Will I lose weight? What if I need to put weight on?

The Cleanse can be done according to your own objectives. Having weight to lose is a Kapha imbalance so you'll want to adopt the Kapha guidance, ensure you keep to the suggested portions - half a plate of kitchari and half a plate of well cooked veggies ideally celery and carrots. Kitchari is a light, digestible dish but it feels really comforting and fills you up so it's easy to stick to the portions. This Cleanse resets and repopulates your gut and puts you on the right tract so you can keep going with the same portion size, same sort of light, nutritious food even after your finish the Cleanse. Always finish your meals by 7pm so you've finished eating by the time your metabolism starts to slow down. In Ayurveda the time of day you eat is as important as what you eat.

If you have weight to lose I'd also suggest following the pre cleanse guidance strictly the week before and adopting the same portion size and meal timings suggestion in this week and the post cleanse week. It is quite doable to lose 6lbs over the course of the 3 weeks, without even feeling hungry. I have plenty of testimonials to this effect and people who've lost even more than this. 

Conversely if you're looking to put weight on, just have lots of kitchari at lunch and dinner and more whenever you're hungry. Add a whole banana to your blue keto mylk smoothie or porridge, lots of the ground buckwheat and oat and maybe some avocado. You could also have some nuts and seeds with it.


Do I have to have celery and carrots with the kitchari or can I mix it up a bit?

I've suggested celery and carrots because in addition to being nutritious they tend to be ok for all Doshas (mind/body energy types in Ayurveda). Also they are well digested when well cooked which isn't true of all vegetables. Check your dosha result in my online quiz for dosha appropriate suggestions for you. Also feel free to substitute with any vegetables you know you find easy to digest and are not too heavy or starchy, but still ensure whatever you choose is well cooked.


What about reheating the kitchari? I thought you weren't supposed to reheat food in Ayurveda

Opinion is divided on the reheating issue but it is generally more of an issue with vegetables because of the degradation of vitamin C. In Ayurveda everything is supposed to be cooked fresh each day but when those rules were written they didn’t have refrigeration! I'm a herbalist with a focus on Ayurveda rather than an Ayurvedic Practitioner so I have designed a detox inspired by the traditional Kitchari Cleanse but incorporating other helpful herbal ingredients and have also made it a one batch Cleanse so it fits into our busy lifestyles. Many modern Ayurvedic practitioners advise that one batch is fine, especially with something like Kitchari which is made from dried ingredients, lasts very well for at least a week in the fridge and actually tastes better the following days as the flavour of the spices intensify. So you can reheat each individual portion in a saucepan as required (as opposed to reheating the whole batch of course) and just cook the side veg daily. This is what I personally do but no reason you couldn’t just make it in a big batch and then eat at room temperature if you prefer, or split it into three parts and make fresh each day. I have done this Cleanse lots of times and I definitely prefer the one batch option myself as I'm busy and part of the joy of this is not having to cook each day. I'm sure you know how to safely reheat food but here's a link just in case :) https://www.foodsafety.gov/blog/holiday_leftovers.html


What else can I eat? Just kitchari?

One of the main points of this detox is that apart from breakfast you are 'mono-mealing' ie only eating one thing. This means you are giving your digestion a rest as it is not having to process lots of different ingredients which taxes your body even the food you're eating is healthy. So I would advise you mainly stick to the kitchari. If you really want something else berries, nuts and seeds would be the best things to snack on. But do try not to eat anything after 7/8pm. Bear in mind every time you eat your body is having to produce insulin to process the food you are taking in. On the Cleanse you want to give your body a break from this constant digestion process, so ideally make sure you eat enough at the meal times and let your body rest in between rather than having lots of snacks. Listen to the hypnotherapy recording for support.

Having said that if this is your first Cleanse and/or you're struggling a bit absolutely loosen up the rules. Better that you bring in some healthy snacks to help you complete (and enjoy!) the three days than you give up or find it stressful. This is not a fast or intended to be an endurance contest. Relax and do the Cleanse in a way that suits you and makes you feel nourished and cared for.

 Can I drink anything else?

In addition to the teas provided and hot water have any other herbal tea you like, with the exception of green tea because as great as it is we’re trying to have a break from caffeine in the 3 days,


You say to put half a banana in the smoothie/porridge but I don't want to have any sugar even from fruit, shall i just omit?

Yes just leave it out and maybe have some seeds or soaked nuts alongside the smoothie. or replace with some avocado and keep it pure keto! I suggest the banana to give the recipe a little bit of sweetness and to make it more substantial and because it contains hemp protein this will slow down the sugar release from the banana but absolutely feel free to omit if you prefer. 


Can I exercise on the Cleanse?

Yes absolutely. Vigorous exercise that makes you sweat is also really helpful in the detox process because it releases heat shock proteins in the body. Keep vigorous exercise to early in the day though so that you don't disrupt your wind down time and sleep.

Also make sure you listen to your body with exercise. If you feel tired and/or guided to just rest, then do this, follow your own internal guidance when it comes to exercise. Another way to release heat shock proteins is through using a sauna or just having a hot bath, which might sound more appealing while you are cleansing! If you are having a bath remember we can bring you magnesium salts in you pre cleanse week if you like.

What about meat? Can I add a bit of good quality meat in with the Cleanse?

Don't do this during the 3 days if possible. Although meat can be nutritious (putting asides the philosophical reasons not to eat it) it does take a very long time for your body to digest, anywhere around a week whilst plants are processed within about 24 hours max. Part of the reason the Cleanse works is that everything you are eating is extremely digestible so bringing in meat would interfere with the effects. You can eat meat in your pre and post Cleanse week though, ideally make sure it's organic and if possible grass fed.

Can I do the Cleanse while menstruating?

Technically it shouldn’t really make a difference if you’re on your period or not as it’s not a juice cleanse or fast so you’re not being deprived of anything or having to cut calories and risk feeling weak and faint.
In fact many people think of menstruation like a kind of natural detox and actually like to combine it with a cleanse. If you have a heavy period with lots of cramps, this might be a bit much to embark on physically and psychologically, so maybe waiting until the first few heavy days are done and then going into the Cleanse from there would be a nice approach.

I'm pregnant. Can I still do the Cleanse?

Congrats! Wait until afterwards so you aren't making any big changes to your diet while you are pregnant. You have to be careful about taking herbs while you are pregnant too. Be as healthy as you can through your pregnancy and save the Cleanse until after you have had your baby. It is the perfect thing for a new mother to do because it is so nourishing and supportive for you and you can make it in one big batch and forget about cooking for 3 days!

If you're breastfeeding check there aren't any issues with the herbs with your doctor and I can always swap the teas for you if needed.


I have a medical condition and am on medication. Can I still do the Cleanse?

Check with your doctor/pharmacist first that there are no contradictions with any of the herbs or any other reasons you shouldn't go ahead. See below for full ingredients list.


Three Day Cleanse Ingredients List

Check any contraindications with your doctor/pharmacist if you have a health condition and/or are on any medication


Milk Thistle Seeds


Tulsi (holy basil)

Burdock Root




Rose Petals

MCT Oil (from Coconut)

Coconut Aminos

SOY Aminos (non gmo)

Slippery Elm

Wild blueberry


Saccharomyces boulardii



Reishi Mushroom


Camu Camu

WHEAT grass

BARLEY grass

Flax seed and oil




Prune Powder







Aloe vera gel




Ginseng Siberian


Pomegranate Licorice powder



Goji fruit

Schisandra fruit


Brown Rice


yellow Split Moong Dal



mustard seeds

fennel seeds






sea salt

black pepper

Summer Cleanse 2021 also includes

Almonds (NUTS), Chickpeas, Paprika, Coconut