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Did you ever forget what you were going to say - in the middle of saying it?!

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This used to happen to me so often that I actually became quite good about thinking of new ways to complete my sentences when I'd forgotten my original point!

Brain fog - urgh! This is a sign your body could with a detox. Here are four others,
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Struggling to make it throughout the day without feeling like you could do with a nap? Post meal slump and heaviness after eating? When I started detoxing regularly and feeding my gut with pro and prebiotics I remember being surprised that it was possible to have so much energy and to go through the day feeling energised, because I hadn't experienced it for so long I thought being tired all the time was normal!



Your skin is one of the first indicators that all is not well in your body. So if your skin is constantly erupting with spots, rashes, itchiness, boils and even inflammatory conditions like eczema it's definitely time for a detox. If you're skin is acting up you probably need a liver cleanse and this is one of the issues my Cleanse Box addresses



Another reason to detoxify. Headaches can be caused by lots of reason but high levels of toxins are definitely one them. In particular studies show high levels of heavy metal are linked to chronic headaches and migraines. 



If you've been trying to lose weight and it seems harder than usual one of the best thing you can do is to start healing your gut with pre and probiotics.

Did you know that through the gut-brain connection bad bacteria send messages to your brain to crave unhealthy food - the kind that feeds the bad bacteria and makes you ill. The stronger your colonies of bad bacteria the more they can make their host (you) crave unhealthy food so it becomes a vicious cycle.

When you detox you starve your bad bacteria and feed your good bacteria. As well as liver detox his is one of the places my Ayurvedic Detox In A Box really comes into it own. We bring in powerful recolonising probiotics for your gut. This, along with the subconscious reprogramming through the hypnotherapy helps you break the cycle. These are issues that a simple juice cleanse will not address.

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So to recap the 5 signs you could do with a detox are 
  • Brain fog
  • Fatigue
  • Skin issues
  • Headaches 
  • Difficulty losing weight
I'll be talking more about how to detox safely and as easily as possible this month and if you'd like for me to just do it for you I'm happy to let you know that you can now pre order my 3 Day Ayurvedic Detox In A Box here 

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"Just completed the Spring Cleanse (my first one) and I felt so energetic. The ingredients come in eco-friendly packaging with everything labelled correctly. It was all easy to find and the booklet had thorough instructions and reminders. Also was included instructions via email and I could contact the lovely Emma via email who would respond efficiently. Highly recommend trying it as it’s only 3 days! I didn’t miss coffee! The breakfast part was my favourite as you will see from my photo which I took on the 3rd day"

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