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Do you want your period or a zimmerframe?

This question made me sit up straight! No easy feat as I was lying in bed, 7lbs heavier than I wanted to be, with a hot water bottle in the waistband of my jogging bottoms for my crampy stomach. 

I was listening to a podcast all about women's hormones with a controversial hormones researcher

That podcast was a real eye opener for me. I already knew that for women our sex hormones start to decline at around 35 years (around 30+ for men) but what was interesting was her claim that hormones are linked to longevity.

Her theory was that once estrogen starts to decline it is a signal to your body that it is time to wrap things up and that's why ageing related issues start for occur post menopause. Estrogen in proper balance (controlled by progesterone) underpins longevity and health so her advice was to 'hack your health' with hormone replacement therapy to the point that you have the hormone levels (and therefore the health) of someone in their 20s

For those of us in perimenopause the good news is that hormones can be balanced fairly easily with herbs and natural remedies and this is backed up by research. This month I'll be looking at how we can do that so stay tuned!

Regular, seasonal detoxing is a great way to start bringing your body into balance. If you missed my last 3 Day Cleanse (which sold out in record time) I wanted to let you know I'm making an extra batch for my next event (The OM Yoga show later this month)  My Cleanse Boxes contain everything you need to detox and start balancing your hormones naturally. If you want me to make one for you for delivery at the end of this month let me know here and i'll add you to my list :)
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Ok so for the skimmers here's the recap!
  • Sex hormones start to decline for women from around 35 years and men from around 30 years
  • Hormones underpin our health and wellness
  • In perimenopause hormones can be usually be balanced naturally with herbs and lifestyle
And if you'd like an easy way of addressing hormone balance you you can now find out more about my seasonal 3 Day Cleanse here

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