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Ending Child Poverty

Feeding Our Children


Hi love

I wrote to you last week about eating the Ketogenic diet and my health results one year on. I was planning to follow up this week with all the specifics, typical meals, total carbs etc. In the meantime though the issue of child poverty in the UK has been highlighted so I'm going to leave Keto until next week.

A woman I love and follow called Glennon Doyle says

There is no such thing as other people's children.

When I heard her say this I got goosebumps because it rings so true. When I set up Eat Live it was part of our mission from day one to give a portion of our revenue to Action Against Hunger which is a grassroots charity working to feed malnourished children in the world's poorest countries. I do not want to live in a world where children go hungry and the fact that it is happening on our doorstep in a country where we have excess is appalling and especially worrying given our economy isn't likely to be improving any time soon.

We recently made our seasonal donation to Action Against Hunger and this season will be giving the same amount to End Child Poverty  a charity based here in the UK that is addressing this issue in our own country. When you buy our food I want it to be an investment in your health and also an investment in the kind of world we want to live in. If you'd like to donate too here's the link

Donate to End Child Poverty
I know you're a good person with good intentions because you're on my list reading this 😊 but, like me, you may a bit feel a bit powerless when big issues like this arise. You don't know what to do, whether you can trust the organisations you're donating to and whether it'll make any difference in the long run because it feels like a drop in the ocean. I personally struggle with the whole concept of charity and whether that is even the right way to address world issues. I think when it comes to helping children it is, so we will continue to support Action Against Hunger. I'm also looking into other options like micro loans which is a way of investing in people and their ideas and businesses that wouldn't normally get funding. 

I want Eat Live to be a conscious business that helps create a fairer world and would love your suggestions and input. Please reply to this with any ideas, or if there are businesses you love already doing things that are working let me know and send links!

So many thanks to you for being part of this, here on this list, Cleansing with me, ordering our ferments, tea and bath salts. I'll be back in your inbox on Wednesday so that we can get back on with our Keto chat. As promised I'll be giving you all the details about how I'm doing it, an example of a full day's eating, how many carbs I tend to have, and I was thinking maybe even a pre Christmas Keto Challenge would be useful too perhaps? Let me know what you think.

Love til then.

Medical Herbalist
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