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How to create a detox bath

It's the first weekend in December and with all that that entails I thought it may be helpful to talk about how to create a ritual bath...


Hi love

There is something deeply healing about ‘going to the water’. As well as the sheer relaxation of immersing yourself in warm, muscle releasing water, you can add ingredients that assist with detox and mineral replenishment.

So gather and download the items below and think of this as your emergency go to retreat if December is getting a bit stressful this year

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The scent - Ginger 

Add ginger essential oil or actual chopped or dried ginger to your bath. Ginger is great for relieving tense muscles and is the perfect addition because it’s warmth counters cold Vata energy. Think of your bath like a cup of tea for your whole body!

The feel - Magnesium 

If you’ve been on my list for more than a few weeks you probably know I’m obsessed with magnesium. Transdermal magnesium cleared up my lifelong chronic eczema within a few weeks. It assists our body with detox, replenishes our depleted magnesium stores and is responsible for more than 400 enzyme functions in our bodies

Use about 200g of pure Dead Sea magnesium chloride in your bath. When you have a strong magnesium bath it actually gives the bath water a different feel and texture.

The reason we often feel better when we're on beach holidays is because we're bathing in high mineral sea water every day, and here we're aiming to recreate the same kind of conditions

The visual - Dried flowers

A ritual bath should be a treat for the senses so adding some dried flowers for beauty is a must. Rose petals are easy to come by and look beautiful, but any dried flowers you are drawn to, that would be safe to eat, would work for adding to your bath 

The sounds - Binaural beats

Listening to relaxing, transcendent music will really take your ritual bath to the next level. Binaural beats are a good choice because they help take us into a deeply relaxed Alpha brain state. You can find these playlists on Spotify. Spiritual music like mantras, chants and Christian hymns are also good options 

The Taste - Herbs

Make yourself a beautiful cup of herbal tea to enjoy while you’re in the bath. Some lovely herbs and spices for this time of the year are cinnamon, cardamom and ginger. Add a dash of maple syrup to bring in sweetness, and a squeeze of lemon to nurture your agni (digestive fire)

Why not put a few dates in your diary from now for a replenishing bath this month? Schedule reminders and treat it like a work appointment that you have to attend!

And to recap if you're short on time here are some great elements for a detox bath,

  • Ginger
  • Magnesium salts
  • Dried flowers
  • Music - binaural beats
  • Herbal tea

Do you have any other favourite additions? Reply and let me know!

Wishing you a peaceful December and remember to look out for discounted early access to my 3 Day New Year's Cleanse from tomorrow!

Love Emma
Medical Herbalist
Eat Live Wellness 

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