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Run, down and chronically ill? Could the answer be in your bathroom?

Mould and Mycotoxins Part 2

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This month our focus is our bathrooms and I’ve been writing about toxin producing mould, the health issues it can cause, and what we should do about it.

There are lots of different types of mould and some produce mycotoxins which are harmful to health, especially so in around a quarter of the population who are genetically more susceptible. 

It can be tricky to identify which type of mould we may have growing in our homes without expert help. One of the most harmful types is Stachybotrys. This is known as ‘black mould’ but can be confused with Ulocladium, another type of toxic mould which also looks black. Mould can affect any area that gets damp, not just our bathrooms of course.

If you’re experiencing issues like coughing, wheezing, brain fog and allergy like symptoms and they don’t have an obvious cause, ensuring your home is mould free and helping your body detox from the mycotoxins you may be breathing in would be a good step to take

Removing toxin producing mould from our homes is something that needs to be done very carefully and sometimes requires expert help depending on the extent of the issue. I’ll talk more about this next time. For now let’s look at what we can do to help our bodies remove these toxins.

As I mentioned last time our body already has detox pathways and processes that will naturally remove toxins but for many of us these systems are not functioning effectively because of poor health, already high toxin load, not to mention the genetic susceptibility called HLA-DLA. Even if you don't have this gene the toxins from mould will still cause health problems if your body is struggling to remove them.

Supporting your body’s detox pathways with the tips I gave last time is the best place to start. Our Cleanse is designed to do just this - so check it out here. To go even further here are some targeted remedies to help your body remove the toxins associated with mould


Modified Citrus Pectin 

This is a naturally occurring substance derived from the peel of citrus fruits. Used in conjunction with alginates from seaweed it removes toxins and binds them so they don’t get reabsorbed while they're being carried out of the body.

Helping with mould detox isn’t it’s only benefit either. Early trials have shown that MCP may have an effect on cancer growth and very early studies showed it had some effect in prostate cancer cells.  Studies show it may also stimulate the immune system and lower cholesterol

Some other natural remedies for mycotoxin detox include activated charcoal, bentonite clay and glutathione (milk thistle boosts levels of this is the body) and chlorella, a green algae, although be careful to find a clean, reputable source

Next week I’ll talk more about the logistics of mould removal, keeping it gone for good and keeping the air in your home clean and mycotoxin free.

For now why not start with our 3 Day Autumn Cleanse to get yourself on the right track and make sure your detox pathways are working optimally? For the cost of a night out you can do your body so much good by cleansing accumulated toxins and resetting your gut for the season ahead. We have almost sold our our last delivery slot for this season but you can still get your box here


Medical Herbalist


‘You have no idea what this detox did for me. My skin looks amazing. My energy levels were unbelievable. It felt like someone had cleared everything out of my body.’


S. Dent Yoga Teacher

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