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The Hormones of a 20 something

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Did you know that once you hit around 35 if you're a woman and 30 if you're a man your sex hormones start declining?

How about ageing in reverse?!

From an evolutionary perspective nature favours the young. Once our sex hormones decline it's a signal to our body that we're no longer at the peak of our usefulness, and that it should start to wrap things up.

We all want long, healthy lives without the ailments that tend to come with ageing so this is where a bit of nature hacking comes in useful. Welcome to my favourite subject, our Three Day Cleanse

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As you might know if you've been following me for a while I have been studying the work of a hormone researcher called T.S. Wiley. She believes that along with gut health, our hormones are the keys to living long, healthy lives. She controversially advocates supplementing with bio identical hormones to the point that you literally have the hormone levels of someone in their 20s. 

Replacing hormones is big topic and it requires individual assessment and care. Here are some things you can do right now though to start optimising your hormone levels. Better still pre order our Three Day Cleanse and you will have all of four points covered, to start optimising your hormones
  1. Support Your Body's Detox Pathways - Your detox organs excrete excess hormones like estrogen for example, which tends to build up in women over 35. It is vital that these organs are working properly so that your body can regulate it's hormone levels.
  2. Go To Bed Early - This is something Ayurveda has been teaching for years and western medicine has now caught onto. It's not just how long you sleep for but when. The sleep you get early on in the night is when your body does most of it's regeneration, also sleep patterns and hormone secretion are closely linked. Attuning your circadian rhythms to nature in itself will help your body to regulate it's hormones levels. In Ayurveda early evening is 'Kapha time' and there are Ayurvedic rituals and self care practices given in our Cleanse to help your body wind down and prepare for a good night's sleep.
  3. Optimise Your Gut Health - Many hormones are made in the gut and gut imbalances affect hormone secretion. By clearing bad bacteria and toxins and repopulating your gut with good bacteria you make it much easier for your body to correct imbalances.
  4. Bring In Natural Adaptogens - there are compounds within nature that work to correct hormonal imbalance in the body, regardless of what the imbalance is. Taking small but consistent doses of these can do wonders to correct imbalances. Two powerful adaptogens are Reishi mushroom and Ashwaganda, both of which you'll find included in our Three Day Cleanse.
If you have been feeling out of sorts, run down and suspect your hormones could do with balancing why not start your journey back to feeling good with our Three Day Cleanse to shed accumulated toxins, start healing your gut and balancing levels naturally.

We have some additional liver support herbs to include with our first batch of orders and as you probably know by now we do sell out fast!
Three Day Cleanse Me!

"You have no idea what this detox did for me. My skin looked amazing..My energy levels were unbelievable..It felt like someone had just cleared everything out of me."

Saffron Dent
Yoga and Meditation Teacher


Morning Green Detox Shots 

On our Three Day Cleanse you will start the day with a mineral, probiotic and adaptogen blast before breakfast.

Kitchari For Lunch and Dinner

Delicious, nourishing and full of medicinal spices and MCTs, you will enjoy Ayurvedic Kitchari for your main meals on the Cleanse.

I Want In!
This round of our Three Day Cleanse has been our fastest selling so far and I'm so happy so many of you will be joining this season. We still have a small quantity of bonus liver support herbs for our pre orders so if you know this Cleanse is something your body needs pre-order now. Your body will thank you for it. If you have any queries about the Cleanse just reply to this and I'll be happy to answer your questions.

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Medical Herbalist 

“enjoyed the food on the kitchari cleanse - I could happily live on that! Felt clear headed by Tuesday pm and lost 2.5kg. Will definitely do it again. Thank you!“

Dr Ridge, GP

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"I want one. (our 3 Day Cleanse)
In fact I always want one.
Just put me down for one every single time." 

Nick G Kentish Town

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