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Ayurvedic Self Care Rituals - For Pre, During and Post Cleanse

Ayurvedic Self Care

Your Dinacharya - Ayurvedic Daily Routine

 Work in these practices alongside your Three Day Cleanse and ideally if you can start these rituals at least one week before your Cleanse to start opening and clearing your body's natural detox pathways. If you don't have time for everything just do the dry brushing at least.

Meditation - HeartMaths Technique

Put your hand over your heart area and start breathing deeply for around 10 breaths. As you’re doing this imagine the breath coming into and going out of your heart.

Bring to my mind someone, something or some kind of experience that triggers feelings of love- that warm, expansive, ahhh feeling. Stroking a pet, cuddling a child or loved one, a time you had a moment to yourself with a good book and a coffee. Don’t just think it. Actually relive it in your mind - your mind can’t tell the difference between what you imagine and what is really happening, so this step produces the same physiological reaction as if you were doing it for real.

Or you can just spend the next 5 minutes or however long you've got, basking in your visualisation and enjoying all the healing feel good chemicals your body is now being flooded with.

Oil Pulling/Swishing

This is a practice of swishing oil in your mouth for anywhere from 5 - 20 mins before spitting it out. It is good for sinus health and effective at removing toxins from the tongue, between the teeth and in the gums.
After brushing your teeth take about 1 tablespoon of either coconut or sesame oil and start swishing - like you would with mouthwash. Keep going for up to 20 mins and then spit it out, into the bin rather than down the sink so you don’t clog the pipes. Then brush your teeth and floss.


Dry Skin Brushing

This is an amazingly beneficial ritual before a warm bath or shower a few times each week. Using exfoliating gloves or a dry skin brush start at your feet and work your way up your body, bushing in the direction of your heart.  This is so helpful with detox through lymphatic drainage and it also stimulates fat burning.

Abhyanga - Self massage

 This is a lovely way to nourish your skin and wind down in the evening. Apply some oil, something simple like olive oil with lavender would be great. Start at your scalp, or your face and neck if you don’t want to have to wash your hair afterwards. Work your way down your body. Let it absorb for 5 - 10 mins and perhaps do your oil swishing while you’re waiting. Follow with a shower or bath.


Magnesium Baths

Pretty much everyone who knows me knows I’m obsessed with transdermal (through the skin) magnesium because after spending almost 35 years applying useless harmful steroid creams for my chronic eczema, magnesium baths cured it permanently in about 2 weeks.

 Magnesium is involved in over 400 enzyme systems in your body and carries other nutrients around your body. This is why it can heal so many different conditions. 

We offer high quality pharmaceutical grade pure magnesium salts from the Dead Sea. You’ll find them in our Pre Cleanse Packs to use before and during your detox.

The Pre Cleanse Pack contains
    • 7-14 Day Supply of Eat Live Magic - This is the probiotic, adaptogen blend that you will find in your detox box and can add to smoothies or juice. Having an extra pot of Magic so that you can start your course in your pre cleanse week to start preparing your gut is highly recommended. In addition to adaptogens and probiotics Magic also contains ingredients which bind to heavy metals and other toxins and draw them out of the digestive tract. This is a great way of opening and clearing your detox pathways in advance of the the three day cleanse.
    • 1kg bag of Magnesium Salts - Transdermal magnesium ie absorbing magnesium through your skin in a bath or foot soak is another really great way to draw out toxins and replenish minerals in preparation for your Cleanse.
    • Three bars of antioxidant rich raw chocolate fudge for a pre cleanse friendly treat helping you to wean off refined sugar.


    • You can also add 7 sachets of Four Signmatic Mushroom Coffee as an add on. This blend has half the caffeine of regular coffee and gives you a natural boost from powerful medicinal mushrooms like reishi, lions mane and chaga whilst helping you wean off of coffee and avoid coffee withdrawal in the three days. 
  • We'll deliver your Pre Cleanse Pack with your Three Day Cleanse for you to use before you start your Cleanse, so there is no additional delivery charge. We'll also check if you want the mushroom coffee before we deliver.