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Detox Pathways Series 3 - The Liver and Bowels

Issues like itchy skin, brain fog, bloating, bad breath, body odour and fatigue are all signs your liver could do with support. The great thing about the liver is that it is self regenerating which means that unlike the kidneys which can be difficult (though not impossible) to heal after damage your liver is responsive to support and will repair itself.

If you’ve already been following the guidance in my last two emails you’ll already be doing much of the work to support your liver. The heavy metal detox ingredients bind to and draw out toxins harmful to the liver and having a diet rich in green and cruciferous veg which is great for the kidneys also helps the liver produce detoxifying enzymes and produce lots of supportive chlorophyll


One additional thing I would suggest bringing in for the liver is specific herbal support. These herbs are particularly beneficial 

  • Milk Thistle - heals liver inflammation and helps to reverse liver damage
  • Dandelion - increases bile flow and helps to treat liver damage
  • Ginger - inhibits pro inflammatory chemicals that harm the liver

We have put together this blend for liver cleansing. We include a week’s supply of in our three day detox so that you get a good course while you’re detoxing and expecting a lot of heavy lifting from your liver

Bonus Tips for the Bowels

We are all about gut health here and if you’re an Eat Liver - cleansing seasonally with us, eating our kimchi and kraut in between Cleanses you’ll be doing all the right things to care for your gut. We always encourage you to have half a plate of vegetables for lunch and dinner and to ensure that much of that is green. Just eating this way will do wonders to keep your intestinal track healthy and clear because of the fibre content and the benefits of the chlorophyll. If you are eating our kimchi and kraut you’ll be getting a wide range of survivable probiotics which will be repopulating your gut in addition to more cruciferous vegetables, as are ferments are all cabbage based. 

If you’d like to go further with specific colon cleansing, enemas using coffee and green tea are an option and you can look out for a blog from me on this soon as I’m planning to try this myself. I’ll keep you posted on it.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this three part series on your body’s detox pathways and have started to incorporate some of the guidance. If you’re wondering where to start here are three easy steps you can take today to implement

  1. Fill half your plate with veggies at lunch and dinner, particularly dark green veg and beetroot.
  2. Start taking magnesium baths two to three times each week
  3. Get on the wait list for our September Cleanse. Our Cleanse supports the opening and clearing of your detox pathways so that you have the deepest possible detox. It includes the ingredients you need to detox from heavy metals, support your liver and repopulate your gut with the cultures it needs. Cleansing with us gives your body the reboot it needs each season and we support you in between with guidance and products to keep you on track.

Lots of love until we Cleanse again!