Pre Cleanse Week

Well done on being part of our Cleanse Tribe! This is such a powerful step in caring for yourself and your body will thank you for it.

Here is the Pre Cleanse guidance that we'd encourage you to follow the week before you plan to Cleanse. We can send you a Pre Cleanse Kit to help support you in this week and help open the detox pathways in preparation for the Cleanse, see at the bottom of this page for the link to order.

While you’re thinking about all this take a moment to map out when you intend to do the 3 days so that you know when to start your pre cleanse week - if easier just do a pre cleanse couple of days but the longer you can do it the better results. Put the date in your diary from now while it’s all fresh in your mind!

Cut out or limit the following 







Here are some ideas for food swaps on your pre Cleanse week 

Feel free to keep food simple in your pre cleanse week, I do! But if you wanted to try something new or like experimenting with new recipes here are a few ideas;

Pre Cleanse Week friendly breakfast ideas


coffee - turmeric latte or why not try the Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee that we stock especially for the Pre Cleanse week with our pre cleanse pack, to help you wean off

crisps - activated nuts and seeds (ie soaked overnight)

pasta - gluten free pasta made with rice flour

bread - traditionally fermented sourdough or use large spring greens leaves as wraps instead of bread in a sandwich 

chocolate - raw chocolate (psst - we stock an amazing handmade raw chocolate fudge from cornwall which is included our pre Cleanse Pack

Use your pre cleanse week to think about easing your body into healing foods and the Ayurvedic Self Care Rituals to start opening up and clearing your body's natural detox pathways to prepare your body for a deep Cleanse when you embark on the three days. 
We can send out a Pre Cleanse Pack with your Cleanse box to support your in this week. It contains
    • 7-14 Day Supply of Eat Live Magic - This is the probiotic, adaptogen blend that you will find in your Cleanse box and can add to smoothies or juice. Having an extra pot of Magic so that you can start your course in your pre cleanse week to start preparing your gut is highly recommended. In addition to adaptogens and probiotics Magic also contains ingredients which bind to heavy metals and other toxins and draw them out of the digestive tract. This is a great way of opening and clearing your detox pathways in advance of the the three day cleanse.
    • 1kg bag of Magnesium Salts - Transdermal magnesium ie absorbing magnesium through your skin in a bath or foot soak is another really great way to draw out toxins and replenish minerals in preparation for your Cleanse. Magnesium is responsible for over 400 enzyme functions in the body and underpins whether you can absorb other nutrients. The best way to get it is through the skin because oral supplements are usually less than 50% absorbable.
    • Three bars of antioxidant rich raw fudge for a pre cleanse friendly treat helping you to wean off refined sugar. 


  • Optional Extra
    • You can also add 7 sachets of Four Signmatic Mushroom Coffee as an add on. This blend has half the caffeine of regular coffee and gives you a natural boost from powerful medicinal mushrooms like reishi, lions mane and chaga whilst helping you wean off of coffee and avoid coffee withdrawal in the three days. 
  • There is no additional delivery charge for pre cleanse packs. We'll also check if you want the mushroom coffee before we deliver.

Note - Don't worry if you order in time but still get charged for delivery. This is an issue with the website and we will refund the delivery fee and send your pre cleanse pack with your cleanse box.