1-1 Wellness and Lifestyle Consultation

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1-1 Wellness and Lifestyle Consultation

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If you're run down and in need of some personal guidance on diet, herbs, supplements and lifestyle and would like a 1-1 consultation with medical herbalist and Eat Live Wellness founder Emma you can now book a session.

Currently at the introductory price of £100 our consultations consist of two 45min - 1 hour calls, one of which will be a follow up in 3 months.

Prior to your first session we'll send you a detailed assessment form so we can look at any health issues and imbalances you are experiencing. We'll discuss it all in detail in the session and Emma will send you recommendations following the session and book in the follow up session for approximately 3 months time to review.

Emma is a medical herbalist with a focus on Ayurveda rather than an Ayurvedic doctor so this isn't a traditional Ayurvedic consultation, but rather takes account of lots of different natural healing modalities. It is lifestyle coaching rather than a medical assessment.

Paleo, keto, vegan, raw vegan, to name a few and not to mention all the different herbs and supplements available, Ayurvedic and otherwise. There are so many different approaches to natural healing and the reason there is such differing opinion is because each mind/body type requires a different style of eating and a different lifestyle.

If you're run down and feel there must be a way to support your body naturally but jump from trying one diet and one supplement to another. If you find you're always thinking about food, calories, weight, healing and wishing you could just relax, eat intuitively and feel better, this is a great way of gaining clarity

Note - When you buy a consultation we'll be in touch within 24 hours to arrange a convenient time for the first call. We are now booking for February onwards.