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Essential herbs for detox

Aren't herbs just a placebo for new agey people?

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Hi love

That's what I used to think ☺️ until that is I had to use them to heal myself from actual illnesses that doctors couldn't treat, and then this highly sceptical lawyer became a medical herbalist!

So since we're talking about safe detox this month here are three of my favourite (science backed!) herbs for detox
  1. Milk Thistle - did you know that traditional story telling says that milk thistle got it's name from a drop of the Virgin Mary’s milk falling onto its leaves? Studies show that this herb protects and improves liver function. Liver detox is one of the main components of overall detox so taking a milk thistle tea or tincture is one of the best ways to detoxify. I include this support in my 3 Day Cleanse Boxes Our Autumn round sold out in pre orders but I'm making another batch in a few weeks for a bulk order. If you'd like one let me know here and i'll send you a Paypal request, as it's sold out on our online shop and I'll get a box out to you
  2. Dandelion - is supportive of the kidneys. It is is a natural diuretic and helps to stimulate and improve kidney function.This is another herb that I include in my Ayurvedic Cleanse Boxes
  3. Ashwaganda - this is a powerful Ayurvedic herbs that has a number of well researched health benefits including a hormone balancing adaptogenic effect, a calming effect on stress, optimising the body's oxygen use and lowering inflammation. It is also linked with improved brain health and cognitive function. And yes of course I include this powerful herb in our Cleanse Boxes too!
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So to recap 3 of the herbs I consider essential to detoxify and cleanse are,
  • Milk Thistle
  • Dandelion
  • Ashwaganda
Do you include these herbs in your diet? If you'd like seasonal support with this you can find out more about my done for your Cleanse Box here!

Until next week 

In love, ease and wellness.

Medical Herbalist at Eat Live Wellness
'I've done the 3 day cleanse twice and am excitedly preparing for my third cleanse (and am ready to order the next one)! The blends that Emma has prepared are delicious and the cleanse is really straightforward as well as healing. She's very knowledgeable and helpful. The kimchi is delicious, as well as the ayurvedic tea blend. I'm hooked! Not to mention the raw chocolate and magnesium baths, both lush in their own ways. After completing the cleanses, I've found my whole diet shifting thanks to what I've learned and experienced. I can't recommend Eat Live Wellness enough!'

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