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If you think you don’t have time to meditate you need to meditate for twice as long

If you think you don’t have time to meditate you need to meditate for twice as long  This is a quote my friend and meditation guide Tim told me about years ago and I think about this often.  Sitting down to do nothing when you are overwhelmed with the amount of things you have to do feels like the hardest thing in the world but these words are true. Every time I have pushed through resistance, ignored my to do list and sat down in meditation it feels like it has expanded my time Would you like to come to my first free live workshop on healing and detox with Ayurveda and yoga? 🌿 Find out more here..! Once I reach...

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Turn your kitchen into a pharmacy

My eyes were streaming and I still remember feeling like I was on fire from the inside. My mum was giving me water and I could hear her explaining to our hosts 'err yeah she only really eats English food at home' 

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Why you must do this before you detox

I heard the sound before I felt the pain 😬 I was so excited that I could finally get into full splits after years of yoga. The problem was in my excitement I’d rushed into it this time without my usual stretching routine - argh! I jumped up (as quickly as I could given I’d just torn my hamstrings!)  Five minutes is all it would have taken to prepare properly but this would cost me a month in injury time  

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