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Peer pressure to eat the cake?!

Happy almost holiday and half term (if you’re in the UK/ have school aged kids ☺️)

I’m not a royalist and we’re not having an official street party but a few of the neighbours are taking the opportunity to get together, say hi and eat some cake together over the weekend. 

For those of us who’ve got through health and/or weight issues by changing our diets celebrations where we feel socially obliged to eat things we wouldn’t normally can be a bit stressful. I try to avoid being too restrictive or controlling around food so I’m fairly relaxed and have learnt to trust myself to eat what I fancy, but if I have time I do like to make some treats that I feel happier about eating i.e. lower sugar/gluten/dairy.  

If you’re feeling a bit panicky about the bank holiday, or any parties you have coming up some good food swaps are wholegrain popcorn, nuts and seeds, instead of crisps, hummus and guacamole with oat cakes and vegetable sticks. Kombucha and iced fruit teas make a good alternative to alcohol and fizzy drinks and for something sweet, lower sugar flapjacks, bliss balls and cakes made with low/no gluten flour and without refined sugar.

Make your self care a priority over appeasing anyone else but mostly don’t stress about it. A few days of indulgence doesn’t make much difference in the long term. We can always get back to our usual ways of eating next week when we’re back in our routines.

Here’s a really simple recipe for cupcakes written out by my daughter Jessica. We often make these over the weekend for the week ahead. Sometimes we use spelt flour or gluten free alternatives and the sweetener is maple syrup as that’s lower GI than refined sugar. We usually use oat milk and coconut oil rather than butter and you can replace the egg with a mashed banana to make it vegan

One of the reasons I find it easier these days to be relaxed with food and health is because my lifestyle involves regular cleansing the Ayurvedic way. Each season I know I'll be taking three days to go inward and focus on detox, nourishment and healing. Our next cleanse is coming up later this month. See below for more details.

Until next time

in love, ease and wellness

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