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If you think you don’t have time to meditate you need to meditate for twice as long

If you think you don’t have time to meditate you need to meditate for twice as long  This is a quote my friend and meditation guide Tim told me about years ago and I think about this often.  Sitting down to do nothing when you are overwhelmed with the amount of things you have to do feels like the hardest thing in the world but these words are true. Every time I have pushed through resistance, ignored my to do list and sat down in meditation it feels like it has expanded my time Would you like to come to my first free live workshop on healing and detox with Ayurveda and yoga? 🌿 Find out more here..! Once I reach...

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My own wellness challenges

HI love I usually write giving you wellness tips, 3 tips for gut health and that kind of thing, but I was thinking that although those emails can be helpful, the emails, podcasts and content I really love is when people share what’s actually happening with them. Im not planning to turn this blog into some kind of a self involved journal, I’ve got enough of those in my bedside drawer ☺️ but I thought that this week, for a change, I’d share something I’m personally struggling withand what I’m trying to do about it. And, if you have any advice for me - please reply back and share!   Phone addiction- I can’t switch off in the evening! In...

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Stocking your Ayurvedic kitchen. Part one

It’s June and we’re back in the kitchen. After all the bank holiday festivities you may be feeling in need of a thorough cleanse ☺️ if that’s you I've got you covered as our 3 Day Summer Cleanse will be available to order from 21 June! Get on the list for a reminder here Until then why not start preparing by turning your kitchen into an Ayurvedic pharmacy? At it's heart Ayurveda is kitchen medicine so find out your dosha (mind/body type) here and let’s get started, This week we’ll start with dried foods. Stock up on these Ayurvedic essentials, you may already have some or even all of them. That's great and in that case see this as a reminder to actually...

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Peer pressure to eat the cake?!

Happy almost holiday and half term (if you’re in the UK/ have school aged kids ☺️) I’m not a royalist and we’re not having an official street party but a few of the neighbours are taking the opportunity to get together, say hi and eat some cake together over the weekend.  For those of us who’ve got through health and/or weight issues by changing our diets celebrations where we feel socially obliged to eat things we wouldn’t normally can be a bit stressful. I try to avoid being too restrictive or controlling around food so I’m fairly relaxed and have learnt to trust myself to eat what I fancy, but if I have time I do like to make some...

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It’s my birthday 🎉 and this is how I’m celebrating!

Hey love it’s my birthday today! (or it will be when you get this as I’m writing this in advance) We have a pretty set view of what birthday celebrations look like in our culture, lots of refined sugar, alcohol and big groups of people. This is fine if you love all that but on my 43rd trip around the sun I feel more self acceptance than ever and less interest in following the culture than ever so I’ll be celebrating by spending the day with my love going for a walk and then brunch probably here and seeing my friends in smaller groups for dinners.So no big meet ups, overspending, drinking more than I want or refined sugar hangovers...

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