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Does the full moon affect you?

Are you effected by the full moon?


(please note this email was originally sent out in April. Our Cleanse is now sold out and will be back in Summer! You can order a Magic Pack instead though)

Hi love

Do you feel different around the time of the full moon? Wired, anxious with increased gut issues? Tracking the moon cycle might sound woo woo but there is a medical explanation for why it affects us. 


The full moon affects our serotonin and melatonin production which in turn affects our mood, sleep and even parasitical activity in the gut.

The lunar cycle also affects testosterone levels which means men may feel more stressed and suffer from disrupted sleep around the full moon, so men in fact get hormonal too.

Speaking of parasitical activity in the gut, our Three Day Spring Cleanse came with a deeper gut cleansing protocol this season which is really helpful with this. This season's Cleanse actually sold out in less than a week. Because it went so quick and so many people missed out, we are restocking for a bonus round - no easy feat because we source our herbs and ingredients carefully so ordering can take time. Fortunately we should be able to restock for a later delivery date in the second week of May. 


If this is something you need let me know now so you don’t have to wait for the Summer Cleanse which will be around 3 months away. Your Spring Cleanse Box will last a good few months so you can plan to use it when it suits you

I'd like to join the Spring Cleanse bonus round

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That's all for this week love. If you're looking for a way to wind down this weekend with the pink moon approaching something I love to do is to take an Ayurvedic Bliss Bath for my dosha. Bathing in magnesium and herbs aligned with my dosha is such a self loving and balancing ritual. If you'd like to check our Bliss Baths click here and you can also do a dosha quiz on our homepage

With love til next Wednesday 

Medical Herbalist
Eat Live

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