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Stocking your Ayurvedic kitchen. Part one

It’s June and we’re back in the kitchen. After all the bank holiday festivities you may be feeling in need of a thorough cleanse ☺️ if that’s you I've got you covered as our 3 Day Summer Cleanse will be available to order from 21 June! Get on the list for a reminder here Until then why not start preparing by turning your kitchen into an Ayurvedic pharmacy? At it's heart Ayurveda is kitchen medicine so find out your dosha (mind/body type) here and let’s get started, This week we’ll start with dried foods. Stock up on these Ayurvedic essentials, you may already have some or even all of them. That's great and in that case see this as a reminder to actually...

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It’s my birthday 🎉 and this is how I’m celebrating!

Hey love it’s my birthday today! (or it will be when you get this as I’m writing this in advance) We have a pretty set view of what birthday celebrations look like in our culture, lots of refined sugar, alcohol and big groups of people. This is fine if you love all that but on my 43rd trip around the sun I feel more self acceptance than ever and less interest in following the culture than ever so I’ll be celebrating by spending the day with my love going for a walk and then brunch probably here and seeing my friends in smaller groups for dinners.So no big meet ups, overspending, drinking more than I want or refined sugar hangovers...

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The wait is over the Spring Cleanse is available to pre order! Detoxify and renew 🌿

  I lost 6lbs on the Cleanse and have kept it off. I have't touched caffeine or refined sugar since. My brain fog has lifted. I can't wait for the next one!  pre order 3 Day Alchemy With Eat Liveⓡ “enjoyed the food on the cleanse - I could happily live on that! Felt clear headed by Tuesday pm and lost 2.5kg. Will definitely do it again. Thank you!“ Dr Ridge, GP  Let us support you in emerging from the past few years healthier and refreshed For just £88 we provide all your food, probiotics, herbs and oils for 3 days. We also include pre and post Cleanse guidance for the week before and after the Cleanse.Our Cleanse includes a dedicated Eat Live...

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Why you can't stick to your fitness goals

So I’ve given up on trying to commit to a regular fitness class. With the exception of African dancing which I do with my daughter and feels more like a fun, moving meditation I’ve stopped wasting my money on regular fitness classes.   I say wasting money, not because the classes I’ve done in the past haven’t been good but because as soon as I sign up for a block of 12 classes in whatever exercise it is, there’s something in me that starts trying to get out of it.   At the grand age of 42 I’ve finally realised that the issue is that I’m a Vata and I’ve been trying to act like a Kapha when it comes...

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Does the full moon affect you?

Do you feel different around the time of the full moon? Wired, anxious with increased gut issues? Tracking the moon cycle might sound woo woo but there is a medical explanation for why it affects us.    The full moon affects our serotonin and melatonin production which in turn affects our mood, sleep and even parasitical activity in the gut.

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