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Stocking your Ayurvedic kitchen. Part one

It’s June and we’re back in the kitchen. After all the bank holiday festivities you may be feeling in need of a thorough cleanse ☺️ if that’s you I've got you covered as our 3 Day Summer Cleanse will be available to order from 21 June! Get on the list for a reminder here Until then why not start preparing by turning your kitchen into an Ayurvedic pharmacy? At it's heart Ayurveda is kitchen medicine so find out your dosha (mind/body type) here and let’s get started, This week we’ll start with dried foods. Stock up on these Ayurvedic essentials, you may already have some or even all of them. That's great and in that case see this as a reminder to actually...

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Does the full moon affect you?

Do you feel different around the time of the full moon? Wired, anxious with increased gut issues? Tracking the moon cycle might sound woo woo but there is a medical explanation for why it affects us.    The full moon affects our serotonin and melatonin production which in turn affects our mood, sleep and even parasitical activity in the gut.

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