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Reclaiming our bodies with intermittent fasting and strength training

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The real motivation was realising I'm in my 40s and the best thing I could do for my leg injury was to lose excess weight and be as strong as possible 

We've been talking about intermittent fasting this month and last week I mentioned one of our cleansers had lost over 2 stone using intermittent fasting. Joanna was kind enough to share her experience to give some inspiration and tips

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When you have excess weight to lose this is considered a Kapha imbalance in Ayurveda, fasting is recommended and can be done more often in these circumstances, for weight loss and detox.

Joanna had over 2 stone to lose so she practiced IF daily, finishing eating at 7pm and fasting for 16 hours until 11am. What you eat when your break your fast is important too as you don't want to overeat as soon as your fast is over.

Joanna says she starts her day with porridge with nuts and berries and an Ayurvedic staple called Chyawanprash, which is a type of jam, really high in vitamin C and other nutrients that are great for liver detox.

In addition to a healing, Kapha balancing diet with lots of vegetables and fruit, she tookTriphala which is a popular traditional Ayurvedic herbal remedy, which is great for the digestion and can support weight loss
A really important component of Joanna's weight loss was her fitness journey. Rather than just adding it to her to do list Joanna said she actually found the joy in exercising. This is really important because as James Clear says in Atomic Habits 

True behaviour change is identity change

As a woman in her 40s Joanna knew how important it is to do strength training and develop a really strong core. She also practices yoga regularly for flexibility. She joined her local health club and goes to the gym twice a week and does yoga once a week.

Joanna was especially motivated by the fact she'd always had a weak left leg since childhood due to a serious accident. She knew that this could cause even more problems as she gets older and that the best thing she could do would be to lose excess weight and have her legs be as strong as possible. I think that's really helpful for all of us. Once we find our why, the deeper reason behind the change we want it becomes so much easier to change our behaviour to achieve our aims.

Joanna is on Instagram here and is training to be an Ayurvedic practitioner so watch this space and I’ll update you on this!

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