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The real reason you need to optimise your gut health

So there I was sat in Cafe Nero next to Moorgate station googling MS symptoms. I was on my way back from my job as a solicitor on my way home to my husband and 2 young kids, and I was panicking that I was seriously ill

Hi love

Since I’d finished breastfeeding my youngest I’d been getting chronic numbness and pins and needles. I was covered in eczema, tired all the time and very anxious about my health.

Somewhere in my googling I came across a blog by a woman who’d healed herself from similar issues by going on a detox and then completely changing her diet. The big reveal, and what changed my life and health, was that the key to her transformation was gut health.

When I read this the funny thing was I felt the significance of it in my gut. We are holistic beings, mind, body and spirit. When we are nervous we run to the loo and when we feel something deeply we call it a gut instinct.

In Ayurveda your gut is the focal point of our health. Our 'agni' is our digestive fire and when it is weak and we aren't able to digest what we consume and we become low in 'ojas' or vigour and life force. In an Ayurvedic terms you aren't what you eat, you are what you digest.

Our gut not only houses 60-70% of our immune system in the form of good bacteria or our probiotic colonies but it is also where many of our hormones are made, the other key to our good health

Me with some kimchi from Wagamamas at the start of my health journey!

After reading that blog in Cafe Nero I found other accounts of people healing themselves and reversing all sorts of illnesses (including MS which I didn't have) by focusing on their gut health.

Inspired I rejected the latest course of antibiotics from my GP and decided to try healing my gut instead. I say try but in my gut I knew it was a done deal, I knew this was the answer.

I find that truth is usually easy and simple. Healing wasn't expensive or complicated and it didn't involve feeling like I was at the mercy of medical profession (I do think medical doctors are brilliant and needed but just that we shouldn't feel as though we are surrendering agency of our own bodies)

This month I'll talk about how we can start to heal our gut and achieve better health
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So to recap
  • our gut health underpins our health 
  • we can heal our gut ourselves just with food and lifestyle
And if you'd like to get started why not start by making fermented vegetables a part of your life. You can order mine here or see below for a recipe video I made just before Christmas last year!

In love and wellness

Medical Herbalist 
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Review - Ralph B

"I've been eating your kimchi  for years now and my digestion has never been better"

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