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The wait is over the Spring Cleanse is available to pre order! Detoxify and renew ūüĆŅ


I lost 6lbs on the Cleanse and have kept it off. I have't touched caffeine or refined sugar since. My brain fog has lifted. I can't wait for the next one!
pre order 3 Day Alchemy With Eat Live‚ď°

“enjoyed the food on the cleanse - I could happily live on that! Felt clear headed by Tuesday pm and lost 2.5kg. Will definitely do it again. Thank you!“

Dr Ridge, GP

Let us support you in emerging from the past few years healthier and refreshed For just £88 we provide all your food, probiotics, herbs and oils for 3 days. We also include pre and post Cleanse guidance for the week before and after the Cleanse.

Our Cleanse includes a dedicated Eat Live Detox Yoga Class to do while you detox to stimulate the lymphatic system and gently press the detox organs. We also support your mindset with a tailor made hypnotherapy recording and make everything effortless for you with just 20 minutes hands on time for the entire 3 days required. 

And of course

  • Easy Organic Kitchari Kit - Comprising of Organic yellow split mung beans and organic red lentil¬†blend. organic kitchari medicinal spice blend, MCT oil and Liquid Aminos
  • A 7-14 Day supply of Eat Live Magic. This is a blend of survivable probiotic cultures, organic prebiotics, adaptogens and digestive enzymes to mix into your morning smoothie to cleanse and nourish your gut while you detox.
  • Blue Keto Mylk Smoothie Breakfast Blend (Raw, Organic)
  • Ayurvedic CCF Tea Blend
  • Detoxing Herb Blend for the Liver
  • Slippery Elm (Raw, Organic)
  • Flax Oil for internal cleansing


  • Details of how to prepare yourself for the detox - Pre Cleanse Guidance for the week before the detox.¬†For the Spring round we include more detailed guidance on deeper gut and parasite cleansing for your pre cleanse week.
  • A tailor made hypnotherapy recording to support your mind aligning with the physical process.
  • Details of Ayurvedic Self Care practices to support and facilitate your detox journey each day.
  • Post Cleanse Advice and Recipes to support you continuing to reap the benefits even after you have completed your detox

Order Now!

‚ÄúLoved the detox. Felt clearer headed and lighter. Lost 1 kilo! Had enough kitchari over for a few more detox meals the following week. I have now switched my usual breakfast to the blue keto porridge given on the Cleanse and have given up dairy in the mornings and have oat milk instead. Sign me up for the next round please‚ÄĚ

Jacquie, Accounts Manager, London.

We have received one glowing testimonial after another for our Cleanse and I'm expecting this to be our biggest round so far. So if your gut is nudging you to cleanse, order now so we can send you all your downloads ahead of your detox box arriving and you can start preparing.

'Completed my second 3 Day Cleanse, lost 3lbs and feeling great and back on track with my healthy eating!'

Rebecca, Cardiff
Three Day Cleanse Me!

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