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Why you need to bring Ayurveda into your life

Do you ever wish your life would just flow?!

Hi love

This is something that used to really frustrate me. I always used to feel like I was playing catch up, running from one thing to another, doing many of them at the same time (badly) and constantly trying to switch gears
When I found Ayurveda I was at most run down and overwhelmed, and it felt like answered prayer! Ayurveda is a natural health system that looks at us and everything around us as holistic and the whole point is to bring us into balance. But not the type of annoying, fake balance that women's magazines used to talk about in the noughties - managing career, love, health, children etc. 

The type of balance that Ayurveda and many healing traditions refer to is peace and coherence, living in a way that feels like flow state. Any health issues, emotional issues or even practical life issues are just considered imbalances to address, and because everything is holistic nothing is treated in isolation.

For example if we have an issue with weight gain we wouldn't just look at food and herbs and gut health, we'd also look at what was happening in your life when the issue started to occur and address the imbalance at every level, knowing that if we fail to do this the original problem either won't resolve, or our bodies will just find another way to manifest the issue.

This month while we in the West are traditionally at our most overwhelmed ☺️ I'm going to be writing about Ayurveda and how you can weave this 'Science of Life' into your own life for optimal wellness and ease!
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So to recap 
  • If life feels disjointed and often overwhelming
  • If you'd like to feel you're living in flow state
  • If you have health issues and it just often feels like you're putting out one fire after another 
you would definitely benefit from bringing Ayurveda into your life and I'll teach you some easy ways to do that this month.

If you already practice Ayurveda reply and let me know your favourite aspect!

Until next week.

In love and wellness

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