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Endings, rebirth and transformation

From a spiritual perspective Easter is about resurrection and transformation and I really enjoy meditating on this at this time of the year.

In many indigenous cultures Spring is seen as the New Year so it's a great time to meditate on the vision we have for the future and what it's time to let go of.

If you’ve got some time off and you’re after a fun, easy and healthy recipe, here’s a nice raw chocolate demo I shared on instagram a while ago* Or if you’ll have enough regular chocolate to get through and you fancy trying some fermenting to give your gut some love after the Easter chocolate indulgencehere’s my simple follow along instagram recipe to get you started* You can use whatever vegetables you have, ideally with cabbage as the base, as that is rich in natural probiotics which helps get the fermentation started.

*The recipes are in my Instagram story highlights as 'raw chocolate' and 'ferment along' if you can't access them from the links above

There’s lots of wild garlic around at the moment and this works really well in a ferment. My friend Dania went foraging and got loads so we made a gorgeous wild garlic ferment with pok choi, chilli and ginger. It goes beautifully with the kitchari on our detox if you’re saving your box for a post Easter Cleanse and fancy making a ferment to have with your lunches and dinners

and if you'd rather we just did it for you 😊 our raw ferments are on special offer for April with 10% off here!
Sending you lots of love for a chilled bank holiday weekend!

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