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My 3 favourite natural deodorants that actually work!

I spend so much energy talking about and actually detoxing that the last thing I want to do is douse myself in a deodorant full of aluminium, a heavy metal we’re usually trying to get rid of. I’ve tried so many natural but useless deodorants over the years and I’ve finally found some good options, here are my 3 favourites  

  1. The roll on stick - Wild 

I almost didn’t bother to try this because a couple of people told me it didn’t work but then some other people were raving about it so I gave it a go. I’m happy to report it definitely has been working for me - through 30℃ heat, through sweaty workouts. I've been using the Coconut and Vanilla, it's a cream, stick roll on. It smells lovely, the ingredients really are all natural. The packaging is eco friendly and refillable

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2. The Spray - Dove - Zero Aluminium 

Other than not having aluminium in it this isn't really natural as it does have several other chemicals in it, however, it does work very well. It is in an aerosol container so not good for the environment as the Wild but some people do prefer a spray. 

3. The Homemade option - Magnesium

You can make your own deodorant by mixing magnesium salts with water, a few drops of essential oil for scent and putting it in a spray bottle. I used for this for a while and it does work fairly well but you have to reapply quite regularly, also it can irritate your under arms, especially if you shave your armpits. It is a good way of regularly getting your magnesium in transdermally though. We have pure dead sea magnesium salts with instructions on the back if you want to give this option a go
Detoxing can actually really help with smelling better too! Ingredients like chlorella help with this. If you'd like to know more about our Summer Cleanse Boxes there's moe information below,

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  • Blue Keto Mylk Smoothie Breakfast Blend (Raw, Organic)
  • Ayurvedic CCF Tea Blend
  • Detoxing Herb Blend for the Liver
  • Slippery Elm (Raw, Organic)
  • Flax Oil for internal cleansing
  • 1 hour dedicated detox yoga class
  • Hynotherapy detox download
  • Cleanse booklet with prompts and journal space


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