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Turn your kitchen into a pharmacy

My eyes were streaming and I still remember feeling like I was on fire from the inside. My mum was giving me water and I could hear her explaining to our hosts 'err yeah she only really eats English food at home' 

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My 3 favourite natural deodorants that actually work!

I spend so much energy talking about and actually detoxing that the last thing I want to do is douse myself in a deodorant full of aluminium, a heavy metal we’re usually trying to get rid of. I’ve tried so many natural but useless deodorants over the years and I’ve finally found some good options, here are my 3 favourites   The roll on stick - Wild  I almost didn’t bother to try this because a couple of people told me it didn’t work but then some other people were raving about it so I gave it a go. I’m happy to report it definitely has been working for me - through 30℃ heat, through sweaty workouts. I've been using the...

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