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My own wellness challenges

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I usually write giving you wellness tips, 3 tips for gut health and that kind of thing, but I was thinking that although those emails can be helpful, the emails, podcasts and content I really love is when people share what’s actually happening with them.

Im not planning to turn this blog into some kind of a self involved journal, I’ve got enough of those in my bedside drawer ☺️ but I thought that this week, for a change, I’d share something I’m personally struggling withand what I’m trying to do about it. And, if you have any advice for me - please reply back and share!


Phone addiction- I can’t switch off in the evening!

In an ideal world the evening is Kapha time in Ayurvedic terms. Time to move from intense, getting things done, Pitta energy, into homely, tactile earth energy. But I find it really hard to switch gears. 

I always plan to switch my phone off at the end of my work day, after the kids are back from school, but I find myself picking it up again and again. The annoying thing about this is that the main thing I use it for in the day is my business. So essentially, my wellness business is giving me a screen addiction 🙈 Even when the working day is finished I continue to check orders, my Instagram posts, Whatsapp, emails, my online site chat, on and on.

My current strategy is to to put my phone in a drawer upstairs when I’m finished working, and that works fairly well. I do feel uncomfortable at first, like something’s missing, but I can sit with the feeling until it passes and then I find myself forgetting about it and doing something enjoyable like playing a game with the kids. 

The problem with my plan, is that I’ll either forget to put the phone away in the first place, or I’ll genuinely need it for something at some point and then I’ll be back to square one. So I think I need to find a way to make putting it away, and keeping it away, a habit.

Something that’s recommended in Ayurveda for getting into Kapha energy is to do something tactile. So I’m going to plan some hands on, creative activities for the evening and that will be a much better example for the kids than me squinting away at my phone.

Anyway that’s (one of) my challenges at the moment. Have you ever struggled with this at all? Have you got any advice or tips for me? Let me know if you have!


The product I'm using at the moment

Eat Live Magic  

We're going away to the Lake District soon and before leaving I wanted to give myself a boost health wise. I started to experience estrogen dominance symptoms about a year ago, which is fairly typical at my age (43yrs) and I've found our Magic blend along with Chaste Tree tincture in the mornings is enough to balance my hormones and stop perimenopause symptoms. 

I formulated the Magic recipe to be a health all rounder. So, it contains the range of robust natural probiotic cultures I think are essential for gut healing, several different and functional doses of herbal and mushroom derived adaptogens which naturally correct hormone imbalance and also support the adrenals and help the body deal with stress. Along with herbs that help the body's natural detox processes. 

Hormonal imbalance is very treatable with herbs and natural compounds in perimenopause. I start the day with a cup of hot water or ginger tea, and add my chaste tree to this and I then whisk a couple of spoonfuls of the Magic into either coconut water or green juice. I've recently made a fresh batch of our Magic blend, if this would help you too you can find out more about it below,
Eat Live Magic - my organic, handcrafted, green blend

Until next time, have a great rest of the week!

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