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Why you must do this before you detox

I heard the sound before I felt the pain 😬 I was so excited that I could finally get into full splits after years of yoga. The problem was in my excitement I’d rushed into it this time without my usual stretching routine - argh! I jumped up (as quickly as I could given I’d just torn my hamstrings!)  Five minutes is all it would have taken to prepare properly but this would cost me a month in injury time  

Hi love

Having that painful experience a while back got me thinking about how essential preparation is to so many things in life and detoxing is no exception.

Detoxing should be a healing experience for our bodies but one of the main reasons some detoxes leave us feeling worse than when we start is that we fail to prepare our bodies first by opening our detox pathways.

Once we start dislodging toxins with powerful herbs and compounds it is really important that our bodies are able to detoxify and carry them out. If our liver, kidneys, lymph and gut are not working optimally we end up just recirculating toxins which can do more harm than good. So many people jump into something like a juice cleanse with absolutely no preparation!

The beauty of the Ayurvedic detox is that an integral part is preparation of the detox pathways in advance and during detox with support for the gut, herbs for liver detox, dry brushing for the lymph and other rituals that naturally open and support these channels.

In fact if you even if you didn't do a specific detox just following the Ayurvedic dinacharya (daily rituals) supports your body's natural detox process on a daily basis.

If you'd like my help with all this and perhaps to turn your home into your very own health club ☺️ please join me in my next 3 Day Cleanse and I'll send you out one of my Ayurvedic Detox Boxes next week on 21/9/22 which makes all of this easy for you! I'm happy to let you know that you can now pre order and we'll of course send you the preparatory guidance ahead of your box arriving so you can start preparing your body for this master cleanse from now ☺️

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So to recap the one thing you must do before and during a detox is opening your detox pathways which include supporting your 
  • Liver
  • Kidneys
  • Lymph
  • Gut
And if you'd like an easy way of doing this you can now find out more about my seasonal 3 Day Cleanse and pre order here

In love and wellness

Medical Herbalist at Eat Live Wellness

PS if you have the misfortune of tearing your hamstrings like I did make sure to rest and only do gentle exercise like walking for a while. Bridge pose in yoga is a very effective counter pose to help strengthen and heal x
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"This is the most amazing cleanse I’ve ever been on. My brain fog disappeared and my vision became sharper/clearer.

Prior to the cleanse, I was dragging myself, felt heavy and had a lot of issues with my bowel. During the cleanse, I felt lighter and experienced a better movement. I remember the very first cleanse actually helped my cycle. Every cleanse has been different for me. Different symptoms and added benefits at the end of it.

I strive to ensure that I have a seasonal cleanse with Eat Live Wellness because it resets my system and guides me to align myself with mindful nutrition for the season. I’ve recommended this cleanse to anyone who would listen, that’s how much I love it."

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