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How to optimise your fitness regime

I used to think it was better to just save exercise to the evenings to work off calories before bed ☺️


Something I’ve learnt from adopting the Ayurvedic dinacharya (or daily routine) is that movement in the morning is important for overall health as well as for releasing excess weight.

In Ayurveda 6-10am is considered Kapha time, when the energy is heavy and sluggish. Getting outside first thing in the morning for some exercise or even just a walk is great to shake off excess Kapha energy. It is also great from a weight loss perspective if that's something you're addressing,

Exercising whilst in a fasted state ie before breakfast actually optimises the benefits for weight loss

This is recommended for all dosha types (not just those with a kapha imbalance and weight to lose) because getting natural light in the mornings aligns your circadian rhythm with nature. This has a knock on effect on your sleep helping you to go to bed earlier, ideally before 10pm after which you’ll get a second wind because we then move into energised pitta time

What’s your fitness routine? Are you are morning or eve exerciser? Or none if the above?!


Note - skipping is optional ☺️

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