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Why you can't stick to your fitness goals

So I’ve given up on trying to commit to a regular fitness class. With the exception of African dancing which I do with my daughter and feels more like a fun, moving meditation I’ve stopped wasting my money on regular fitness classes.   I say wasting money, not because the classes I’ve done in the past haven’t been good but because as soon as I sign up for a block of 12 classes in whatever exercise it is, there’s something in me that starts trying to get out of it.   At the grand age of 42 I’ve finally realised that the issue is that I’m a Vata and I’ve been trying to act like a Kapha when it comes...

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Living life on your own terms - 3 Qs for Vikki Koshoni

Hi loveWe're all about fitness and the outdoors this month and as promised I have an interview with African dance instructor Vikki KoshoniI'm not personally a vegan (all our products at Eat Live are vegan) or a home schooling mum but what I really love about Vikki's journey is that she lives life exactly on her own terms even when it is counter culture. I love the fact that when she followed her intuition to change her lifestyle her chronic health problems started to heal.I've found myself and with so many people I've coached that the body really is a compass. Often when you are living a life that isn't in alignment with your essential self your body will start to suffer physically.Taking ownership...

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