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It’s my birthday 🎉 and this is how I’m celebrating!

Hey love

it’s my birthday today! (or it will be when you get this as I’m writing this in advance)

We have a pretty set view of what birthday celebrations look like in our culture, lots of refined sugar, alcohol and big groups of people. This is fine if you love all that but on my 43rd trip around the sun I feel more self acceptance than ever and less interest in following the culture than ever so I’ll be celebrating by spending the day with my love going for a walk and then brunch probably here and seeing my friends in smaller groups for dinners.

So no big meet ups, overspending, drinking more than I want or refined sugar hangovers in the name of celebrating and not being boring 😂 

..and because it’s my birthday if you order our raw ferments between now and the end of April we’ll include some raw chocolate with mandarin for you! And they’re already 10% off this month - so stock up enjoy!

Sending you lots of love for the week ahead!

Also if you have a special occasion coming up and want healthier cake that's still really delicious I can highly recommend Kake Kwerkwho've just opened their first shop. Craig and I had their Valentines cake jars a while ago and they were really, really good, no refined sugar and full of great ingredients like sea moss, spelt and buckwheat.

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